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I've been on Pristiq for almost a month. It's great. No pill will deliver a miracle so keep that in mind. Side effects are negligible. I do have a reduced sex drive but I also had that with Celexa. However, there was a time I was on Celexa and had no sexual dysfunction so it's difficult to quantify.

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I'm a 30 yr old male. I was on Zoloft for 5 years (gained 40lbs, couldn't ejaculate) then Cymbalta (nasty side effects). For a couple months My Psych doctor let me try Pristiq. I loved it. I had/have awful anxiety and panic attacks with depression. (My anxiety is because of my depression). This medicine worked quick and I'm now in my 7th month at 50mg once a day. The last week, it seemed to dwindle down a little (not sure why?), as my depression and anxiety started coming back. My same doctor just upped my dosage to 100mg a day. I'm hoping it wont let me down! I have to say that Pristiq is the best of 3 anti-depressants/anxiety medicines I have tried. Thanks all and good luck.

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