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Teachers are asking for smaller classes and larger support staff. Officials say they cannot afford to say yes. CBD? Check. Bubbles? Check. Ironic fonts? Check. The aggressive marketing of commodified wellness? Oh yes.

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Research points to both advantages and disadvantages. In the end, its a personal choice. To root for the former home team or not? Its a question for which there is no right answer, especially in a laid-back city on the ocean. The retired police officer, 74, is in the dock at Preston Crown Court with former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell, 69, who is accused of health and safety offences.
The diplomatic dispute between Qatar and its neighbors once again roils sports.
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Pawel Adamowicz, the mayor of Gdansk, survived the attack but remained in what a doctor called a very serious condition. Cayla Jones, from Cullompton in Devon, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last summer and has needed intensive chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy to try and tackle it. For forty years, the physicist at U.C.L.A. has been uncovering the outer solar systems secrets. Few scientists know more about the mysteries of Jupiter and its icy moons. Don't think that wireless NFC tags are just for mobile payments. You can do practically anything with them if you know how to program them with small bits of data. Some free apps make this easy and I'm already on the NFC bandwagon at home. Disclosures about the F.B.I. investigation into the president and his efforts to keep meetings with Russias leader secret could intensify scrutiny of the president.

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